Some qestions you may ask yourself are:

  1. What do I want to be when I grow up?
  2. What degree do I want to earn in college?
  3. What college as the best "Nursing" or career program that is suitable for me?
  4. Am I ready for college or Am I ready for my future?

My main goal is to major in Nursing. The top three colleges I have in mind are:

  • Molly College
  • NYU
  • Hunter University
  • Why college before career?

    College is important beacuse while employees with a high school education may secure jobs with good benefits, college graduates typically fare better, entering higher-level careers with greater salaries.

    Why did I choose NYU?

    Why NYU?

    I choose NYU because it is one of the best nursing schools. At NYU you well be able to experience, communicate, do hands on activities,and more. I feel like its a opportunity. NYU is one of my top colleges I plan for. College is important to me because, in order to benefit in the future you should go to college. Then graduate with the degree you want. For example: I want to major in Nursing, and I plan on attedning NYU in Dubai. I plan on first earning my Masters Degree and (Inshallah) maybe one day I can earn my PHD. I see myself in NYU as a student because I know myself, I am not the top or best or smart student but I know that I am a scholar.