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Bullying and School Safety

Bullying happens almost everyday. Bullying is being mean to a kid or kids over and over again. There are multiple types of bullying. Such as cyber bullying, physical bullying, verbal bullying and social bullying. Cyber bullying is when you call someone out on any type of social media and where everyone can see it. Social bullying involves using relationships to hurt someone. Physical bullying is when you hit, shove, push, trip or other kinds of force on purpose. Verbal bullying involves hurtful comments, name calling and teasing. Overall, bullying is wrong and hurtful in multiple ways. Every student should feel safe in school and going on social media. No one deserves to feel worthless or not good enough. Every kids lives matter.

There are many ways to prevent all types of bullying. One way of preventing it is by talking to a parent, teacher or another adult you trust. All adults or friends must know when something horrible is being happened to you so they can help you with the situation. You must be kind to all classmates or other. If YOU see someone getting bullied, walk up to them and show them that you care. Be kind and take them out somewhere or walk that person being bullied to class. If someone is bullying you, try as much possible to ignore them. If it's too much for you, tell the principle. Explain what's going on but if you were being disrespectful to the "bully," then apologize until they accept your apology. If they don't accept your apology and they keep bullying, then that's when you stick up for yourself. If they touch you, push them back, then walk away. There is many ways to prevent bullying.

How to know if you are getting bullied? Well, there are many signs you need to pay attention to, to know if you are getting bullied. First off, name calling. If someone does not know you personally and calls you names, that is bullying. Some people get bullied without even realizing it. But many can see the way they are being treated. Most of them blame themselves for it. Like some of them say, "See Something, Say something." Meaning, if you see someone getting bullied, be the bigger person and speak up. Bullying has to go to an end.

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Physical Bullying

There are many types of bullying. Two type are verbal bullying and physical bullying. Physical bullying is when people bully another person by actually touching them. For example, if someone went to bully someone and push them into a wall, that would be considered as physical bullying. Physical bullying is worse than verbal bullying because physical bullying can leave people to bruises, cuts, or something even worse.

Verbal Bullying

Verbal bullying is when people talk in a very rude way to someone. People will go to a person and talk to them in a rude way and make the other person feel bad about themself. When someone verbal bullies someone, it can make the other person insecure and feel bad about there appearance. It can cause them to self harm or even consider killing themselves. Schools will try to avoid any type of bullying that occurs. However, all schools may not always be able to get to all on time. I encourage for kids to take action and precaution in certain scenarios. As well as to stand up for themselves when needed and when no adults to help are around. Bullying is such a serious matter. Kids need to stick together to stop those who are hurting them.